07 Aug

searoutes.com is now intermodal

Big update happend this weekend !  searoutes.com is not longer only the best distance calcluator on the water, it also can  calculate now calculate intermodal distances.

Routes from Berlin to Kentucky or Castrop Rauxel to Ulan Bator are routeable now !


Please use it and tell us your expirience on how good are the routes. All this great feature is also available via API. Get in Contact with us, to get a trial key of our api, so you can integrate the new intermodal routing in your software applications.


19 Jul

Dausend !!! (one thousand)

Since the introduction of the registration searoutes.com has seen more than 1.000 people that registered and who use our service on a regular basis. We want to say thank you, to all our users and friends and we promise that we will develop this service further and we will come up with a lot of great functions in the next years !

We also hope, that with our Mega Update we are preparing for next week, we hope to even boost our numbers of users.


08 Jun

From Incirlik to Alazrak

Because Mr. Erdogan is in a bad mood and doesn’t allow German politicans to visit the German soldiers stationed in Turkey, the German parliament has decided to move its troops and planes from Incirlik in Turkey to Al-Azrak in Jordania.

Two possible ports for the shipment would be Mersin (Turkey) and Ashdod (Israel).

The journey isnt very long – 1 day at sea and 300km on the road – however the area is complicated and not easy going.

Screenshot and planning can be done on scroutes.com, which is our new playground for new developments.


03 Apr

Castrop Rauxel to Tahiti – here we go !

One of our clients has asks us to combine our searoutes.com with a traditional road network to get a door-to-door router for his supply chain network.

The result is a unique solution which routes from land to land via seaports ! Either it takes you to the seaports of your choice or it tries to find the best seaport in terms of costs or distance.


At the moment we are testing this new features in a closed beta version, the release to public is planned by the end of the month.

24 Mar

Lets talk about money – LATER !!!

We have big plans with searoutes.com as we think it is already the best route and distance planner in the web.

Because everything is API-driven it can be integrated easily in other software and platforms.

As a startup company we know that it is hard to pay bills and subscribe to service without having an own income yet.



Therefore we offer the first five startup companies from the marine, or logistic domain, that get in contact with us, to integrate our searoutes api free of charge for the next 12 month. Every kind of startup company is welcome – however the startup companies should be not older than 2-3 years.

Pleas get in touch with us – either via contact form, Linkedin or Angel.co Profile