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    1. Routing Ocean
    2. Routing Ocean & Road combined (intermodal)
    3. Routing Inland Waterways
    4. Routing Point2Point
    5. Routing SECA
    6. Routing Piracy
    7. Routing ter. Waters
    8. Weather Points
    9. Weather along Route
    10. Ports
    11. Airports
    12. Shipyards
    13. Fuel Consumption calculation

more things to know

  1. a2b not b2a
  2. historic route validation
  3. api usage

Routing over Seas

searoutes can be used for distance calculations from more than 10.000 ports and shipyards. multiple lags can be calculated.routeocean

Routing Road & Ocean combined (intermodal)


Besides routing on the water, searoutes also can do combined street-ocean routing for intermodal supply chains. Example shows routing between Berlin & Chicago. We have more than 10 Mio locations in our database that can be used for the routing.


Routing Inland Waterways


we have a big network from canals and inland rivers, which also can be used


Routing Point 2 Point

it is also possible to route from point2point.


Routing SECA

  SECA Zones are included and can be avoided for the routingroutingseca

Routing Piracy Zone

Piracy Zone can be taken under account.


Routing ter. Waters

specific territorial waters can be avoided


Weather & Waves in Point

acutal, forecast and historical weather data can be displayed in a point


Weather & Waves along Route

The weather along a route can be displayed and analyzed

weatheralongroute0 weatheralongroute1 weatheralongroute2


the integrated portDB (api) has information about more than 8.000 ports
ports database on


the airport database (api) contains more than 30.000 airports around the world
Air ports Database on

Shipyards (

the shipyard database (api) contains more than 2.5000 shipyards around the world
shipyards from on searoutes

Fuel Consumption Prediction

for some generic ship type the fuel consumption can be predicted.


a2b not b2a

for searoutes a2b is not the same than b2a – we take traffic separation schemes under account.


historic routes validation

historic routes can be analyzed and compared with actual route calculation



all listed features can be used by an rest-api and can be easily integrated in other software tools