27 Jul

MariApps Marine Solutions and searoutes.com reach an agreement

HAMBURG – July 16, 2018MariApps, a Bernhard Schulte company that offers latest technology marine enterprise solutions to ship owners and ship managers has agreed on a deal with searoutes.com. Searoutes.com, a Hamburg based maritime technology startup, developing their groundbreaking API that provides port-to-port, port-to-point and point-to-point distance calculation solutions that include port information, voyage & route planning and accurate fuel-cost predictions has started cooperating with MariApps on 12.06.2018.
MariApps has integrated the interface to the Pre-Voyage Calculation function of the PAL Chartering Module to enhance the Voyage Planning tool. By means of the integration, the Voyage Planning tool has become even more swift, flexible and realistic. Searoutes’ extensive machine learning functionality provides automatic calculation of all distances and their respective time frames including extra conditional routing options such as avoiding avoiding SECA or high risk areas.