06 Sep

World Port Hackathon #WPH2017 – Rotterdam 2017 – Review

Pierre & me went to Rotterdam to participate on the WPH#2017 last weekend. It was hosted in the old Van Nelle Fabriek, which is an amazing building little bit outside of Rotterdam.

During the event, we met Lara, a student girl from London, who joined us as a designer.  It was great to work with Lara and she really did an amazing job. I really looking forward to see her again in Hamburg to work with her on some more things. The organization of the event was terrific and we met a lot of old and made a lot of new friends. It was also great to see that two teams from Israel participated, one of these teams were guided by my friend Nir Gartzman who later took the winning trophy with him.

Our idea : Super Smart Tugs– brought us into the final and we competed against 8 other teams on the big stage. We didnt finally win, but everyone was happy with the results and the winner team deserved the victory and the champagne.

Finally, an outstanding hackathon with high class organization and high skilled people.

We hope that we can also organize an hackathon in 2018 in Hamburg and welcome a lot of our new and old friends from Rotterdamand the rest of the world.