16 Aug

why searoutes.com is better than netpas

Ten reasons why searoutes.com is better than netpas :


  • searoutes.com is free / netpas costs money
  • searoutes.com is more accurate – our routes are coming from the real shipping world
  • searoutes.com is webbased an runs on any machine / netpas is win$ows only
  • searoutes.com has integrated weather information
  • for searoutes.com  a-b is not equal b-a  (we take traffic separation schemes under account)
  • searoutes.com has an integrated street network for intermodal routing
  • searoutes.com has inland waterways integrated
  • searoutes.com has a easy to use rest-api
  • searoutes.com has no limitation in usage – we let our users do, whatever they want
  • you can integrate searoutes.com in whatever you want


these are ten reasons to use searoutes.com instead of netpas