07 Feb

Green Routes in Southern France

searoutes.com cooperates now with the port of Marseille and ZeBox to roll-out our KI / Machinelearning based routing Algorithm to calculate and reduce Carbon Emissions. Our CEO Pierre Garreau has explained our vision for green routing and how to utilize KI and Machine Learning methods for smarter speed and route planning on a press conference in Marseille on 7. February 2019 in Marseille. pressconf1


27 Jul

MariApps Marine Solutions and searoutes.com reach an agreement

HAMBURG – July 16, 2018MariApps, a Bernhard Schulte company that offers latest technology marine enterprise solutions to ship owners and ship managers has agreed on a deal with searoutes.com. Searoutes.com, a Hamburg based maritime technology startup, developing their groundbreaking API that provides port-to-port, port-to-point and point-to-point distance calculation solutions that include port information, voyage & route planning and accurate fuel-cost predictions has started cooperating with MariApps on 12.06.2018.
MariApps has integrated the interface to the Pre-Voyage Calculation function of the PAL Chartering Module to enhance the Voyage Planning tool. By means of the integration, the Voyage Planning tool has become even more swift, flexible and realistic. Searoutes’ extensive machine learning functionality provides automatic calculation of all distances and their respective time frames including extra conditional routing options such as avoiding avoiding SECA or high risk areas.

13 Dec

routing inside a port

The routes between one port and another ports are good, but a lot of users complain that the routes inside ports are very bad.

We are working on that already !


The routing inside ports, will be one of the great features we will offer in 2018 – We will announce it here in the blog, when this feature is available.

06 Sep

World Port Hackathon #WPH2017 – Rotterdam 2017 – Review

Pierre & me went to Rotterdam to participate on the WPH#2017 last weekend. It was hosted in the old Van Nelle Fabriek, which is an amazing building little bit outside of Rotterdam.

During the event, we met Lara, a student girl from London, who joined us as a designer.  It was great to work with Lara and she really did an amazing job. I really looking forward to see her again in Hamburg to work with her on some more things. The organization of the event was terrific and we met a lot of old and made a lot of new friends. It was also great to see that two teams from Israel participated, one of these teams were guided by my friend Nir Gartzman who later took the winning trophy with him.

Our idea : Super Smart Tugs– brought us into the final and we competed against 8 other teams on the big stage. We didnt finally win, but everyone was happy with the results and the winner team deserved the victory and the champagne.

Finally, an outstanding hackathon with high class organization and high skilled people.

We hope that we can also organize an hackathon in 2018 in Hamburg and welcome a lot of our new and old friends from Rotterdamand the rest of the world.


31 Aug

World Port Hackathon 2017 #WPH2017 – here we go

The searoutes.com team is starting into the next adventure. Pierre, Carsten and Eugen will travel to Rotterdam to participate in the World Hackathon 2017 in Rotterdam.

We are also very happy that our searoutes apis are choosen to be one of the official event apis that developers can use for their software.

We are lloking forward to meet old and new friends and to realize our idea of implementing a highscore video ranking system into the world of harbour towage.


16 Aug

why searoutes.com is better than netpas

Ten reasons why searoutes.com is better than netpas :


  • searoutes.com is free / netpas costs money
  • searoutes.com is more accurate – our routes are coming from the real shipping world
  • searoutes.com is webbased an runs on any machine / netpas is win$ows only
  • searoutes.com has integrated weather information
  • for searoutes.com  a-b is not equal b-a  (we take traffic separation schemes under account)
  • searoutes.com has an integrated street network for intermodal routing
  • searoutes.com has inland waterways integrated
  • searoutes.com has a easy to use rest-api
  • searoutes.com has no limitation in usage – we let our users do, whatever they want
  • you can integrate searoutes.com in whatever you want


these are ten reasons to use searoutes.com instead of netpas

11 Aug

Port API, Shipyard API, Airport API are free now !

For all software developers from the maritime domain, we are offering now some of our apis & data free of charge !
So if you are interested to use our APIs for

  • ports
  • airports
  • shipyards
  • tidestations

To get more information about our Rest APIS, please visit our documentation page on https://discover.searoutes.com/api/

just get in contact with us, and we setup your api keys so that you can start implementing everything into your software envirmoment.